Tender Meats and Tasty Treats: The Must-Try Plates of Porto

There’s very good reason why Porto has been called one of the top foodie destinations of Europe. The abundance of fresh produce, centuries of know-how, and a no bullshit approach to food means you’ll very rarely have a bad meal. Now that’s not to say it’s impossible, but there’s a sure-fire way of ensuring that each meal you sit down to is as authentic and delicious as the last.

Check out the below list of must-try eats and have yourself the very best of Porto – Portugal’s shining culinary gem.

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Munching Through the Madness: Marrakesh’s Best Cheap Eats

The old medina in Marrakesh is simply brimming with action. It’s densely packed alleyways are crawling with persistent vendors, impatient pedestrians and aggressive motorcylists, but beneath all that lies something special. Away from the Jemaa el-Fnaa and amongst the madness lies a number of inconspicuous eateries boasting some of the best street food Morocco has to offer.

It’s just as easy to get lost in the number of delicious food options as it is the maze of alleyways that weave through the medina, so here’s a short list of must-try Marrakeshian eats that will have you licking your fingers while lining up for seconds.

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Lunching Amongst the Lanterns: Hoi An’s Must-Try Foods

I’ve always loved Vietnamese food. The freshness of the herbs, the tang of the lime, the kick of the chilli; such big flavours combining to deliver something so seemingly simple. But these meals are anything but. These meals are perfectly balanced flavours, well-considered textures and eye-catching colours, working harmoniously to offer something far better than you could have imagined.

You’ll find dishes like these all over Vietnam but in my opinion the best can be found in the beautiful little city of Hoi An. Luckily, like most things in Vietnam, these dishes are extremely inexpensive, meaning your first bite of that crunchy bành mì or slurp of that flavour-packed cao lau are some of the best mouthfuls of value you’ll find.

Take a walk with me down the lantern-lit lanes of Hoi An, and discover what this little culinary gem has to offer.

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Amster-Damn, That’s Good: Amsterdam’s Best Cheap Eats

A widespread colonial empire? A forward-thinking government? A relaxed stance on marijuana? The Dutch may be known for many things but good food isn’t usually one of them.

Although not as well-known as some other European cuisines, Dutch food is surprisingly good in it’s own kind of way. It’s not exactly light or healthy, but always just seems to have the right amount of awesome. In other words, it’s the definition of a guilty pleasure.

So what must you try if ever you’re in Amsterdam? If you’re willing to skip the usual tourist haunts, push past your recommended daily intakes and eat something just a little different, try these traditional and indulgent Dutch bites.

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More Bite for Your Baht: Bangkok’s Best Cheap Eats

Flashing bright lights and calls from bar touts, luring you in with promises of free shots and cheap beer. The tantalising sounds and smells of hot woks and charcoal barbecues mixed with the offensive wafts of rotting garbage. A motorcyclist swerves erratically, swiping your shoulder and nearly knocking you over as he fangs past. Yep, you’ve arrived in big, bad, bustling Bangkok.

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Eat Like a Sultan on a Shoestring: Istanbul’s Best Cheap Eats

There’s a lot to love about Turkish food. The succulent meats, aromatic spices, toasty breads and fresh ingredients, all coming together to sock you in the mouth with a punch of flavour.

Istanbul certainly has no shortage of tasty meals but you really don’t have to spend a lot to experience them. In fact, you’ll find most of the best eats will cost you next to nothing – you just have to know where to look.

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